Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.  The label promotes Christian punk bands which deliver the Good News through a wide range of genres including anarcho punk, street punk, skate punk, surf punk, pop punk, hardcore, Oi! and crust.  You'll likely not find any of our bands on the Billboard charts or walking the red carpet, but you will find them reaching out to those in need of Hope.  The name comes from the derogatory term Bible Thumper -- which we have always viewed as an amusing and unintended compliment.   Fight like a man, scriptures in hand!

BENEFIT COMPILATIONS – Annual compilation of bands to raise money for worthy projects (see the Benefit Compilations tab to see albums).


On The Attack Records -  Our sister label for spirit-filled Hardcore (
MMLJ Records - Our other sister label (
Resurrected Vinyl - Punk rock record label
SkyBurnsBlack Records - Punk, grind, unblack metal record label
Raven Faith Records - Punk record label
Rottweiler Records - Metal, thrash, and punk record label

Vision of God Records - Unblack and extreme metal record label
Zap Records - Punk, metal, thrash, alternative, and pop record label
IndieVisionMusic - Music and entertainment webzine, and record label

Screaming Giant Records - Punk, alternative and more
Veritas Vinyl - Punk, metal and hardcore on vinyl

Simpul Studios - Recording studio (Boise)
Safe House Studios - Recording studio (Los Angeles)

JCHC Slam and Dance Radio show - JCHC music, interviews, scene
The Pathfinder Rock Hour - Music shows
CYI Worldwide - Music shows and ministry
GRockTV - Extreme Sports and Music
HM Magazine - Hard Music magazine
The Metal Resource - Metal, hardcore and punk magazine - Metal, hardcore and punk magazine

Special thanks to folks who donate their time and talents to support this humble Ministry, especially Sef Idle, Lupe Gutierrez, Robert Laird (our photographer), and my Deb & Miss A.  Also, thanks to the bands who helped me personally during my formative years:  Altar Boys, Undercover, Lifesavers, and Nobody Special.   We take small steps in your enormous footprints.  Contact us at thumperpunk(at)gmail(dot)com, or at Thumper Punk Records, 1840 41st Avenue, Ste 102-362, Capitola, CA 95010.   TPR is part of the Aptos Music Group (TPR, OnTheAttack Records, MMLJ Records).  TPR Catalog:

TPR001   -  False Idle -   Hymns of Punk Rock Praise
TPR002  -  The WAY -  The Fight Is Ours
TPR003  -  The Hoax -  Stumbling Through
TPR004  -  The Kings Kids -  Set, Sail and Seek…
TPR005  - Benefit Compilation
TPR006  -  ABSOLVED -  Dino (The Red album and This One Goes to Six EP)
TPR007  -   Jump Ship Quick -  Where Thieves Cannot Tread
TPR008  -  The Hoax -  Fight To Be Free
TPR009  -  False Idle -  I Refuse
TPR010   -  Unshackled -  The Overcoming Years
TPR011    -  The WAY -  Helpless But Not Hopeless
TPR012   -  The Old-timers -  Soli Deo Gloria
TPR013   -  The Lonely Revolts -  Remnant
TPR014   -  Platoon 1107 -  We Glory In The Title
TPR015   -  The Lonely Revolts -  Lights Out
TPR016   -  Rogue Anthem -  What to Believe
TPR017   -  The Old-timers -  Spiritus Sanctus
TPR018   -  Christ’s Sake -  Christ’s Sake
TPR019   -  Fear God -  God Bless The World, Not Just America
TPR020  -  True Liberty -  Marked For Life
TPR021   -  Metanoia -  Retroceder Nunca
TPR022  -  180 OUT -  Black & White
TPR023  -  Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 1
TPR024  -  Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 2
TPR025  -  Living Fire -  Jesus Rules
TPR026  -  Ambassadors of Shalom -  Abdicate Self
TPR027  -  A Common Goal -  For God and Country
TPR028  -  Hippos of Doom -  Road Trip
TPR029  -  No Lost Cause -  NLC
TPR030  -  False Idle - Threat
TPR031   -  A Common Goal -  Blessings & Battles
TPR032  -  uniSEF -  Discography
TPR033  -  The Poor Geezers -  All for One
TPR034  -  The WAY -  I Keep Falling
TPR035  -  Platoon 1107 and The Cants -  Split
TPR036  -  The Old-timers -  Be Reconciled
TPR037  -  No Punk Influences -  Fight Within
TPR038  -  Living Fire -  Dead to Sin
TPR039  -  True Liberty -  Give Me True Liberty or Give Me Death
TPR040  -  Food For Life Ministry Benefit Compilation
TPR041   -  False Idle -  California or Bust
TPR042  -  Christ’s Sake -  We All Fall Down
TPR043  -  Broken -  Broken EP
TPR044  -  Sef Idle -  Start Again
TPR045  -  Doug Jutras -  Miss That Walk EP
TPR046  -  A Common Goal / False Idle – Split Decision
TPR047  -  The Lonely Revolts – Broken Bones Burning Hearts
TPR048  -  Peter118 - Make It or Break It
TPR049  -  Angel City Café Benefit Compilation
TPR050  -  United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Volume 1
TPR051   -  United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Volume 2
TPR052  -  United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Volume 3
TPR053  -  United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Volume 4
TPR054  -  United We Skate Benefit Compilation, Volume 5
TPR055  -  The Old-timers - Turn It Off EP
TPR056  -  The Old-timers - Turn It Up! EP
TPR057  -  No Lost Cause - Fight!
TPR058  -  Metanoia - Chili-Nation
TPR059  -  A Broken Line - A Broken Line
TPR060  -  JohnnyBoy - Innocent
TPR061   -  Peter118 - Christmas Songs
TPR062  -  Living Fire - Eterno Agora
TPR063  -  The B-Listers - Riots To Soundtracks
TPR064  -  Heart Like War - Fired Up
TPR065  -  CPR - In the Business
TPR066  -  Peter118 - Need You More
TPR067  -  Platoon 1107 - Tourettes EP
TPR068  -  Platoon 1107 - Straight Edge EP
TPR069  -  Platoon 1107 - Marine Forever…Forever Marine EP
TPR070  -  Platoon 1107 - Alive 1
TPR071   -  The Old-timers - Old Dogs New Tricks
TPR072  -  A-Frame - Ground Swell [now with Mystic Records]
TPR073  -  Cross-Check - Drop the Gloves
TPR074  -  Pleading Guilty - Defacto
TPR075  -  Sef Idle - 3 Song Acoustic
TPR076  -  Brock Diamond - 3 Song Acoustic
TPR077  -  Jimmy Sisco - 3 Song Acoustic
TPR078  -  Kill the Ill, a Benefit Compilation for Shawn Browning
TPR079  -  Mike Stand - 3 Song Acoustic
TPR080  -  Mike Liberty - 3 Song Acoustic
TPR081   -  Lupe Gtrz - 3 Song Acoustic
TPR082  -  Ron Runs - Freak Out! / The Sojourner 7”
TPR083  -  Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 3