Thumper Punk Records Night – August 19 at Angel City Café in Bellflower, California

We are stoked to officially announce TPR Night at Angel City Café on August 19!  This year’s event will feature Peter118 (from the UK), No Lost Cause (from New Jersey), CPR, Cross-Check, JohnnyBoy (acoustic) and Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band.  The event will be covered by BlastTV, and there will be merch tables from the bands and others involved in the JCHC scene.  As always, tickets are $8 (to cover rental of the venue), and doors open at 7 pm with music starting at 8 pm sharp.

The flyer for this year’s show includes artwork courtesy of D.B.O. Dave Besanson Originals. Dave drew the bunny when Thumper Punk Records first started, and we’ve kept him mostly under wraps until his debut on this flyer.  Thanks Dave!

In addition to supporting the bands, coming to Angel City Café will also support that awesome venue and its Mission.  You can also support Angel City Café by purchasing the Benefit Compilation released by TPR several years ago (

We ain't got no place to go.
So let's go to the punk rawk show. 

Michael W. Stand - 3 Song Acoustic EP

On June 13, Thumper Punk Records released the fourth installment of its 3 Song Acoustic EP series by Michael W. Stand (listen here:  

Each time TPR releases a 3 Song Acoustic EP, I try to do a brief blog post about the artist that includes some background on why the artist is important to me personally.  This one took a bit longer.  For my development as a young Christian, Mike’s music sits alongside the sermons by the church pastor of my youth Dr. Levi Price, lessons taught at Forest Home Christian Camp, and also the writings of Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, Rick Warren, and St. Francis of Assisi.  Some time around 1982, I went to Christian Music Night at Knotts Berry Farm to see the band Undercover, and saw The Altar Boys for the first of many uplifting, angsty, angry evenings.  The Altar Boys and Undercover were the bands of my youth (Scaterd Few and Nobody Special were also about that time), and each had a hugely positive impact on me.

That’s Mike with the guitar at the start of the video.  I grew up in exactly that type working class Los Angeles neighborhood but about 20 miles north, so this really resonated with me.  Seeing them back in the early 80s was mindblowing.  And now, here is Mike today with his current band Altar Billies playing new original songs and rockabilly versions of the old Altar Boys songs.

Thanks Mike for the tunes and the inspiration!  

Submission Deadline approaching for Punk for the Gospel Volume 3

The deadline for song submissions for “Punk for The Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 3,” is fast approaching!   The song submission deadline is July 31, 2017.  Bands and their respective Hymns covered include:

False Idle    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
False Idle    Blessed Assurance
Onyx 8        Vencendo vem Jesus (Battle Hymn of the Republic)
Living Fire    Amazing Grace / Nearer My God to Thee
The Sore Bones     Do Lord
Sons of Zombie    How Great Though Art
Platoon 1107    At Calvary
No Lost Cause    I Stand Amazed
Spirit and the Bride    Doxology
The Bricks    Standing on The Promises
Peter118    Crown Him with Many Crowns
Experimento Holy Factor    Os Guerreiros Se Preparam (Dwelling in Beulah Land)
The Ramparts    My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less
TIMŌRĀTUS    Leave It There
Dior Elias    Renova-me (Renew Me)
UntilWeDie    It Is Well With My Soul
The Ben Aldrich Project    Holy, Holy, Holy!
Tattered Angels    My Song is Love Unknown
Brandon Warr    For All the Saints

We are also hoping to get tracks from Quick and the Dead, The Lonely Revolts, No More Zombies, Pleading Guilty and others!  It is still not too late to reserve your Hymn and participate in this great upcoming compilation fundraiser!

The third release in the Punk for the Gospel series will feature cover songs of tradition church hymns.  All proceeds from this release will support the mobile skateboard ministry of Missionaries Aaron & Bonnie Wells with Skate Móvil, based in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica.  Skate Móvil works with skaters who want to grow in relationship with Christ and share the Gospel with skaters who do not attend any church. Their mission statement reads “Support people with a heart to share the gospel and make disciples of Christ in the skate community.” Skate Móvil is connected with Christian Skaters Costa Rica, where Aaron serves as one of their national coordinators.

To avoid duplication, bands desiring to participate should first reserve their song by sending a message with song name to “”.  Songs covered by bands must be in the public domain (written before January 1, 1923).  

Find out more about Skate Móvil at:

Aaron is the drummer for punk band True Liberty.  

All praise and glory to Him.  

Next 3 Song Acoustic EP Series releases from Michael W. Stand, Mike Liberty, and Lupe Gtrz

Thumper Punk Records is thrilled to announce the next three releases in its 3 Song Acoustic series, which feature Michael W. Stand of The Altar Billies / Clash of Symbols / The Altar Boys, Mike Liberty of True Liberty, and Lupe Gtrz of The Lonely Revolts / The Kings Kids. Each of these artists will be releasing three acoustic recordings as digital downloads and as limited edition 7” vinyl.

Michael W. Stand’s 3 Song Acoustic release will be available on June 13, 2017. The cover art is attached, and the track listing for the EP is:

World Burning
Long, Long Road
Locomotive Don’t Pass Me By

Vinyl preorders are available at:

Prior 3 Song Acoustic EP series releases from Sef Idle, Brock Diamond, and Jimmy Sisco are available through iTunes and at all the usual sites.

ZAP Records!

ZAP Records is a D.I.Y. record label releasing music since 2003, currently out of Scotland.  Founded by Dave Emmerson of The Old-timers, they are absolutely firing on all cylinders these days with EXCELLENT releases from October Bird of Death, To Live As Sons, The Festal Shout, The Old-timers (jointly with TPR) and coming soon from old school hardcore band 2 Minute Minor.  The label features pop, electronic, rock, but mostly is honest old fashioned punk rock.  Some of the releases are “Name Your Own Price”, but we would encourage you to also financially support their efforts and the bands.

The Lion of Saint Mark (and TPR logo)

Thumper Punk Records was founded in 2010.  The winged lion represents St. Mark, one of the Apostles and author of the New Testament gospel bearing his name.  His gospel describes how John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, and those cries were associated with the roar of a lion.  The original drawing was taken from La Vita Nuova (translates to “The New Life”), by Dante Alighieri, 1910, which published numerous historical pictures and drawings.  The original drawing can be seen at:

The Gospel of St. Mark is a personal favorite, and seeing that symbol used in various locations around Europe (especially Venice) brought it closer.  The original design was just text of the label name next to the lion logo.  Shortly after, Sef Idle at Simpul Studio came up with several designs in which the TPR name circled the logo.  And in 2012, Sef put together the current logo that features the three TPR words stacked next to a simple Lion logo.  And now you know… 


Jimmy Sisco: 3 Song Acoustic

Today is the release of Jimmy Sisco’s contribution to the 3 Song Acoustic EP series.  As the singer/guitarist/songwriter for ABSOLVED and Platoon 1107, Jimmy has released some of the biggest, most aggressive music on Thumper Punk Records.  For his 3 Song Acoustic EP, the music is delicate, balanced and soulful, with one track of 70s era folk and two readings of Old Testament scripture over ambient backgrounds.  The first song “Son of the Wind” was written by country-western artist Jim Sisco, Sr., in 1970, and recorded by his son Jimmy in the days prior to his father’s death from cancer.  Recorded from the most sincere and loving place in one’s heart, Son of the Wind is a tribute to a son’s love for his father.

Chapters One and Two of The Book of Haggai were recited from the King James Version.  These songs present experimental ambient soundscapes below the sounds of Biblical text recitation. This is not Holy Scripture set to music...this is music set to Holy Scripture.

Track listing:

1.     Son of the Wind
2.    The Book of Haggai: Chapter One
3.     The Book of Haggai: Chapter Two

Available as limited edition 7" vinyl from the TPR webstore ( and for digital download on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and from all the usual suspects.  Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jimmy Sisco.  

The 3 Song Acoustic series features a monthly EP release from legends, friends and artists involved with the JCHC scene.  

Spoken Word: Poetry is punk rock

Punk in the late 70s / early 80s was a strange concoction of weirdos, freaks, and outsiders.  Before the introduction of circle pits, and before the SFPD crashed through Jello Biafra’s door to confiscate his artwork, punk rock was a place of expression and experimentation by the marginalized.  Not everything was comfortable.  The scene fostered creativity in both music and lyrics, and the work of many poets adorned the pages of DIY zines around the country.  Richard Hell, Jim Carroll, and later Henry Rollins, stood bare in front of a microphone to tell stories, to express outrage, and to rally for social causes.  We think the punk scene (especially the JCHC scene) needs to continue this tradition of hard edged poetry, and the support of social causes in the Christian tradition.  Push beyond your comfort zone.  Create.  Be bold.  Share.  

Welcome to TPR’s Spoken Word series.  Our first two releases feature:

-   Eagle Spits and Friends are confirmed for a spoken word/poetry album mid-2017.  The album will feature new material with live and studio recordings, and includes several special guest appearances.  From Nottingham, UK, Eagle Spits is now bringing his rabble-rouser, antagonistic, working-class, up-the-punx Christian crusade to a microphone near you soon.  

“You put a knife in my back, so don’t blame me for getting blood on your shoes.”  Eagle Spits

Learn more about Eagle Spits in this interview:

-   Carlos Salazar, frontman of Kings and Daughters and formerly of Before There Was Rosalyn, is in the studio tracking a new spoken word project, Amor En Tierra Ajena (Love In A Foreign Land), with Aaron Isbell of Silverline Studios. The first single, “Time Does Not Forgive,” is available as a free download at the link below.  Salazar’s upcoming album is part of our Spoken Word series, and will be released later this year. 

Raw.  Brutally honest.  Punk poetry at its finest.  Not for the feint of heart.  Sometimes the loudest scream is a whisper.  The first track is also available for free download below.

Up the poets!


Brock Diamond - 3 Song Acoustic releases today!

Today is the release of Brock Diamond’s contribution to our 3 Song Acoustic series.  The idea for this EP series came from a late night Facebook “LIVE” post by Brock singing his song Baby You’re Mine.  It sounded amazing (anything with Brock’s voice does), and I was surprised to learn it was an original unrecorded song.  After a little brainstorming about how to put it all together, the 3 Song Acoustic series was born.  

Brock is a veteran of the OC music scene.  He is currently involved with The Berzerkers and Simplex, and was a member of OC hell-raising legends Evasive Action.  I first met Brock in 2013, as the drummer for the band Fear God at the Thumper Punk Records night show at The Fallout in Filmore, California.  Imagine my surprise later when I first heard him singing with his acoustic guitar.  As you will see, his talent well exceeds the limitations of 3 chord punk; and his smile and charm contrast his thunderous guitar playing.  Brock’s warm and bluesy voice is the perfect starting point for an acoustic release, where he is backed by the magical Kat Ferguson (vocals) and Kent Z (electric guitar), with a special guest appearance by his daughter Gracie Diamond on “Fly Away”.  

With humble appreciation for his contributions to the scene, we release the second of our 3 Song Acoustic series from Brock Diamond:    

1. Baby You’re Mine
2. Birds of a Feather
3. Fly Away

Available as limited edition 7" vinyl from the TPR webstore ( and for digital download from iTunes and the usual commercial outlets!

Punk for The Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 3 -- OPEN INVITATION TO BANDS

Thumper Punk Records and Cristo Suburbano are pleased to announce the joint release of the “Punk for The Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 3, and an open invitation to bands from the Christian punk, hardcore and metal communities to participate!  The third release in the Punk for the Gospel series will feature cover songs of tradition church hymns.  All proceeds from this release will support the mobile skateboard ministry of Missionaries Aaron & Bonnie Wells with Skate Móvil, based in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica.  Skate Móvil works with skaters who want to grow in relationship with Christ and share the Gospel with skaters who do not attend any church. Their mission statement reads “Support people with a heart to share the gospel and make disciples of Christ in the skate community.” Skate Móvil is connected with Christian Skaters Costa Rica, where Aaron serves as one of their national coordinators.

To avoid duplication, bands desiring to participate should first reserve their song by sending a message with song name to “”.  Songs covered by bands must be in the public domain (written before January 1, 1923).  The song submission deadline is July 31, 2017.  

Find out more about Skate Móvil at:

Punk for the Gospel, Volumes 1 and 2 can be purchased at:

Aaron is the drummer for punk band True Liberty.  All praise and glory to Him.  

KILL THE ILL, a Benefit Compilation for Shawn Browning

It's here.  It's amazing, and a bit overwhelming in how bands have responded.  We are thrilled to report 91 tracks are included in the final version of KILL THE ILL, a Benefit Compilation to raise funds for the medical bills of Shawn Browning (owner of Rottweiler Records and singer for Grave Robber). Just $10 for 92 tracks (4 hours and 45 minutes).

Track listing:

1. Pastor Bob Beeman - Opening Prayer
2. Grave Robber - Straight To Hell
3. True Liberty - Loud and Proud
4. The Festal Shout - Pounding Waves
5. Pleading Guilty - Breaking Out
6. uniSEF - Drive Thru Amerika
7. Reforma Protestante - Skate and Destroy
8. Banda Grano - Os Dias
9. Cross-Check - Lighthouse
10. CPR - CPR
11. INFIRMITIES - Shadow of the Cross
12. Soldados de Deus - Andar de Skate
13. Undefiled - Will For Eternity
14. Platoon 1107 - Studio Punk
15. Josiah - This Is The New War
16. Dismissed - Hard Day
17. Spirit and The Bride - Abednego
18. To Live As Sons - There's Too Much Left
19. Kings & Daughters - The Pharaoh: A False Idol
20. 2 Minute Minor - Change My Life
21. Dangerous Minds - Brothers
22. Doomsday Hymn - Gigante
23. Hand Of Fire - Bleeding Out (demo)
24. Skald In Veum - Eden Raped
25. Forfeit Thee Untrue - Burning Of The Last Bible
26. Eleos - The Vision
27. Aggelos - Vivente
28. The Autumn League - The End of Emnity
29. Pantokrator – Revolution
30. O Wretched Man - Awaken The Warrior
31. Anschluss Amor - Christ Crucified
32. Death Requisite - Veneration
33. Immortal Souls - The Trail in the Snow
34. Soul Embraced - Transhuman (Featuring Bruce Fitzhugh)
35. Judgement Day - New World Prophecy
36. Lights To Lights - Psalm 3
37. Kneel - Smile
38. The Poor Geezers - Riverside
39. Abby Nicole - Follow Me
40. Johnnyboy - More and More
41. Sef Idle - Get Back Up
42. Rob Lanterman - My February
43. Doug Jutras - Miss That Walk
44. Crossing Fire - Lay It Down
45. Light The Way - BRKN
46. Kept On Hold - Empty House
47. Vamoosery - Trust In You
48. Peter118 - Great I Am (feat. Lisa Cox)
49. No Lost Cause – TPR
50. A Broken Line - Teeth
51. Faith Offends Reason - Freat Out! (feat. Sef Idle)
52. The Bricks - Small Few
53. Living Fire - These Words
54. The B-Listers - Riots To Soundtracks
55. Ambassadors of Shalom - Death by Love
56. Christ's Sake - Welcome to the Warzone
57. The WAY - Suffer with the Lost
58. Fear God - Devil's Mark
59. Senseless - Impressions of Life
60. False Idle - A Tension
61. October Bird of Death - Goons
62. CRUSH - Coturno Gasto
63. ABSOLVED - Cancer The Bastard
64. A Common Goal - Blue Collar
65. The Kings Kids - Trust
66. Unshackled - Strength
67. Anti-World System - Starving the Sheep
68. The Hoax - Grimage
69. The Old-timers - These Grey Hairs
70. Lust Control - Finger (alt. mix)
71. Desiring Dead Flesh - Frost Bite
72. Introdos Band - O PLANO
73. The Plank Eyed Saints - Keeping Up Appearances
74. Broken - Civil Disobedience
75. The Ben Aldrich Project - I Wanna Kill You (Grave Robber cover)
76. Súplica HC - João ninguém, capitulo sem.
77. Ospreyshire - Reanimation Ryuka #1
78. Skree Alleen - Apartheid
79. BlindFold Execution - I AM That I AM
80. Taking The Head Of Goliath - The Expulsion Of Putrid Illusion (Live)
81. Their Throats Are Open Tombs - GET WELL SOON, WRETCHED!
82. The Altar Billies - Long Long Road (punktry version)
83. Above The Storm - Eternal Sun
84. Ascending King - Genesis Of Desolation
85. Big Sleeping Lavaman - Wrong Turn
86. Blast From Oblivion – Bloodlust
87. Cryptic Rising - Memory Of You
88. Faithful & True - Death's Final Whisper
89. Parallax Withering - Life Ruiner
90. Swinery - Exploitation
91. The Right Wing Conspiracy - To Defy
92. Living Fire - All The Time


Linked is a message from our brother Shawn Browning (owner of Rottweiler Records and lead singer for the band Grave Robber). Shawn has only asked for prayers, but we're also going to do a fundraiser to help with medical bills. Talk to your band members. Share this with everyone you know. Anybody offering help will be welcome regardless of genre. We're going to put this together in a week, and release it on Bandcamp next weekend. Song submissions are due Wednesday, February 15. If interested, please send an email for details to “”.   Please send your WAV file (or an email with a download link).  Lots of labels have already committed to support.   The release date is now February 18.

Shawn Browning

Yesterday at 2:37pm ·

Well. . . one of my biggest nightmares has come true.

I was diagnosed today with nodes on my vocal chords. I've been battling hoarseness for about 6 months. I thought it was allergies, sickness, stress, lack of sleep.

Nope. Nodes.

To say I'm afraid is an understatement. Singing has been my life as long as I can recall. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I permanently lost the ability to sing.

Friday I go in to have a consultation and determine a surgery date on my vocal chords.

If you are the praying kind. . . Now would be a good time to do that for me.


Sef Idle – 3 Song Acoustic

Today is the release of Sef Idle’s contribution to our 3 Song Acoustic series.  When TPR started this series, Sef Idle was at the top of the list of people who we wanted to participate.  False Idle’s Hymns of Punk Rock Praise was the first album released by Thumper Punk Records, and he has supported a large majority of releases by TPR and its sister labels OnTheAttack Records and MMLJ Records.  In addition to his abilities as a musician, Sef Idle excels in the studio with mixing and mastering, and with artwork and layout -- all done through his Simpul Studio in Boise, Idaho.  We would be dust without him.  But perhaps most important has been his steady friendship and his shared belief that JCHC is worthwhile.  With humble appreciation for his contributions to the scene, we release the first of our 3 Song Acoustic series from Sef Idle:    

1. Hindsight
2. Look Around
3. All Along

Available as limited edition 7" vinyl from the TPR webstore ( and for digital download from iTunes and the usual commercial outlets! Check out the video announcement here:

Headnoise at Angel City on Saturday, December 17 (Blood On The Door fundraiser)

Just south of the Mexico-US border are men, women and children who have suffered great hardship and tremendous loss. After surviving the devastating Haitian earthquake in 2010, which took over 230,000 lives, they migrated from Haiti to Brazil to work and rebuild their lives. Because of the collapse of the Brazilian economy, these Haitian families have now traveled from Brazil to Tijuana. Thousands of Haitian people have now overwhelmed the shelters and human services available in Tijuana.

David and Fanny Olvera, RIM Missionaries, have been doing a work at the Tijuana border for years. Now that this mission field has come to them, they are assisting these families by providing food, basic hygiene items, and most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To help raise awareness and funds to continue this ministry.

Pray: As these families are being served, the gospel is being shared with them; pray that they would receive Christ; that the Lord would meet their needs; and for the missionaries serving them to be strengthened.

A benefit show will take place at Angel City Café in Bellflower, CA on Saturday, December 17, 2016, from 7pm to Midnight. Admission is $5. Donations will be accepted throughout the evening. David Olvera will be on hand to share about the work in progress and other ways you can help. 100% of all donations will go to R.I.M.

Bands playing include Headnoise, INFIRMITIES, Wickeds End, A Broken Line, Cause for Rebellion, CPR, Tattered Angels, Cross-Check, and Until We Die!

See you there!

The JCHC Scene in SoCal

Webster’s dictionary defines the word Scene as “the place where some action or event occurs.”  The JCHC Scene in SoCal is in better shape than any time I can remember since the early 90s.  There are tons of good bands playing regularly at both church and secular shows.  Crowds are but a fraction of the 90s Orange County hardcore scene, but that doesn’t mute the enthusiasm or dedication of the bands sharing Good News, friendships, and their love for hard music that is happening now.  The current crop of bands regularly playing shows at Angel City Café, House of Rebellion, DiPiazzas, The Doll Hut, The Hub, Black Light District, Karman bar, and other venues from San Diego to Ventura include:

A Broken Line
Anschluss Amor
Cause for Rebellion
Heart Like War
Jesus Worshipper
Platoon 1107
Rapture LAHC
Saul of Tarsus
Tattered Angels
The Unknown
Wickeds End

Anaheim’s The Hoax recently released its first material in four years (

Headnoise has its two first shows back in years this December 10 (House of Rebellion) and December 17 (Blood On The Door at Angel City). 

Zippy Josh has been occasionally playing shows recently with JohnnyBoy (formerly of The WAY) in the Ventura area.

San Diego’s great Dogwood is back for two upcoming shows supporting MxPx and Five Iron Frenzy in January, and OC’s Slick Shoes is back to support MxPx/FIF on a Texas swing early next year. 

The Altar Billies are fixtures on the OC Rockabilly scene, and have just released their fantastic album "Long, Long Road".

We heard that The Heroes (Chris Jones, formerly of Call To Glory) is working on finalizing their recording.   

Silent Planet is bringing metalcore to a new level.

Thumper Punk will be adding a Surf Punk band from SoCal in the coming weeks.  Lots of worthwhile bands.  Apologies if I missed anybody.

The SoCal Scene is good.  The Chicago Scene is good.    Where is everybody else? 
There are good bands dotted across the country, but where is the Scene?  Seattle?  Austin?  DC/Baltimore?  Boise?  Anybody?  I’d honestly like to know (thumperpunk (at) gmail [dot] com).

Check out 13 Stripes!

Coming from Franklin, Indiana, the American street punk band 13 Stripes are generating excitement in the Oi! and JCHC scenes.  The band consists of Chris “T Bone” Ward (lead vocals and drums), Jason “Bones” Ward (lead guitar) and Jeff “Meat” Ward (bass), 13 Stripes have been playing shows around the Midwest, and plan to record sometime soon.  Listing their influences as Ramones, Evil Conduct, Booze N Glory, Fat Skins, Flatoot 56, Bricktop, Control and Discharger, the band has lots of folks anticipating their upcoming release.  To get a sample of all the excitement, check out their live sound in the videos of their performances on their FB page:

Oi! Oi! Oi!

Indie Vision Music returns!

Today marks the return of the great music website Indie Vision Music (!   Originally established in July 2000 by music scene insider Brandon Jones, the website’s mission is “Faith and Entertainment With an Independent Perspective”.  The site originally existed as an online store, then record label (now all free downloads), and eventually turned into the central hub for Christian faith-based artists and musicians.  The site went on hiatus for the last year or two, but officially re-launches today.  Interviews, reviews, music news, and all things that matter to our scene.  The site holds no boundaries other than sharing faith based music, and is fully supported by volunteers and eager contributors.  It covers pop, alternative, metal, hardcore and, yes, even punk rock (JCHC)!  Go out and vote, then check out the newly released Indie Vision Music.  Welcome back, Brandon!

Missions to Russia (fundraiser for JohnnyBoy’s travel espenses)

JohnnyBoy will be traveling to Russia on a Missionary trip next March.  He will be playing bass with Mikee Bridge’s band that annually tours through Siberia.  In order to help with expenses, all proceeds from the sale of JohnnyBoy’s Innocent EP and from the sale of The WAY’s catalog will be donated.  You can purchase his music through iTunes, Amazon and all the usual commercial digital retailers, or you can get special $5 pricing on digital copies on the Thumper Punk Records Bandcamp site:

JohnnyBoy --  Innocent

The WAY --   I Keep Falling

The WAY --  Helpless But Not Hopeless

The WAY --  The Fight Is Ours

All the albums are good, and we HIGHLY recommend The Fight Is Ours.  I consider it one of the great JCHC albums, and certainly one of the best albums we’ve released. 

Follow JohnnyBoy’s music and travel plans on his FB page:

Bog blagoslovil !

Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation update

On December 18, 2012, Thumper Punk Records and Caustic Fallout jointly released the “Punk for The Gospel Benefit Compilation”, a two volume compilation featuring songs donated to raise money to support the work of foreign Missionaries from within the Christian punk community.  Missionary families supported by this compilation are those of Dave Emmerson of The Old-timers (missionaries to Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa) and Aaron “Liberty” Wells of True Liberty (missionaries to Costa Rica).  Both families were involved with Christian skate ministries.  Both families have responded to God’s call.  42 bands (list below) gave songs, and all the money went to the missionaries.

We are closing in on our $1,000 fundraising goal, and want to humbly thank all of the bands who participated.  In order to reach our goal, we need just a few more folks to download the album.  So, for a limited time only, we are reducing the digital price to just $10 for both Volumes 1 and 2 on our Bandcamp page.  All praise and glory to Him.

Volume 1 (in order of appearance) features The Old-timers, INFIRMITIES, Hippos of Doom, Dogwood, The Lonely Revolts, Flatfoot 56, Call to Glory, Platoon 1107, Grace & Thieves, Unshackled, The Hoax, Don't Get Bored, Gorilla Warfare, Government Hate Mail, Lust Control, uniSEF, The Social Threat, The Altar Billies, The Scurvies, Mason Summers, and The Shiny Darks.

Volume 2 features True Liberty, False Idle, The WAY, The Deal, Grave Robber, Jump Ship Quick, ABSOLVED, The Smiley Kids, The Kings Kids, Saint Hooligan, Praiser, Vincible, 100 Philistine Foreskins, Empty Tomb, Desiring Dead Flesh, Revolution Radio, Metanoia, Covenant, Craig’s Brother, Goodnight Wednesday, and 180 OUT.

Thumper Punk Records Night: RECAP

Saturday, October 8, 2016, was our annual Thumper Punk Records Night at Angel City Café, in Bellflower, California.  It was another night for the JCHC community to get together for praise our Heavenly Father, to share our Faith, to fellowship, and to enjoy punk rock.  This night is a chance for bands to support each other.  It’s really a “family” atmosphere at the show.  Friendships start and develop.  Future shows with bands who met at the event are scheduled.  Past band members stay connected.  And we all are reminded that we don’t stand alone in the general punk community.  

JohnnyBoy’s opening acoustic set was great.  He played one song from the acoustic EP, one new song, and one hymnal cover.  Energy and showmanship from the former front man of The WAY.  His set featured an impromptu version of Happy Birthday to JohnnyBoy sung by his dad and the crowd.

Tattered Angels were next and their live sound was incredible!  Super fast.  Super heavy.  Jeremy’s vocals are even better than on their recorded material.  We like to schedule one band that isn’t officially on the label to help grow the scene.  In the past we’ve had guest appearances by The Rekoning, Cross-Check, Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band, LIV., Covenant, Almondo, and Abby Nicole.  Tattered Angels set featured songs from their self-titled release (, and a few covers.  It’s all about ecosystem / scene building, and those guys are fully JCHC.  We’re definitely interested in making them a formal member at some point, but we will promote and support them either way.  Of note, their drummer was really really good.  Hard for a drummer to stand out, but he absolutely did.  

Heart Like War made their debut appearance at TPR Night.  Their set was a lot of fun with harmony, jumps and sing alongs over a great MxPx influenced punk sound.  The energy was super high, and Dave Robledo is always one of my favorites.  Definitely one of the most fun sets of the night, and the band is a great addition to TPR.  It was their first appearance at TPR Night, and hopefully not their last.  Every song had heads bobbin and people rockin.  Bring It On!

CPR’s set was really great.  Better than any time I’d seen them before.  Jet Wilson is an incredible front man, and the Hill boys were super tight on the back end.  They played mostly as a 3 piece, and Harvey Rebellion joined them for the second half of their set to fill out their sound on a couple of songs.  Several people commented positively about their set.  If you follow them on social media, you’ll know that this band stands tall as ministers for Christ in the secular punk scene.  They have the strength to stand for their convictions, the love to share the Good News, and the musical chops to stand toe-to-toe with any band in the secular punk scene.

Infirmities were great, as always.  J Hawk is a terrific showman, and as a group they’re musically super advanced.  Harvey Rebellion killed on guitar.  Doug Jutras was right on the beat with the drums, and he worked perfectly with the super hyper bass playing of Germ.  I don’t know how Jason manages to always have a great bass player (Troy and the new guy Germ are both killer bass players).  They were really good.  

A Broken Line finished the night.  Fully raging ska punk that had everybody dancing and bouncing off the walls.  Everyone who stayed was really into it.  Matt had just come from his 10 year high school reunion (so they started at like 11 pm), and played in a fancy suit which was funny.  ABL’s debut album is one of TPR’s best releases, and seeing it played live was incredibly fun.   They also played a new song that had a great sing-a-long chorus.  And, at my request they played Citation and Drive as an encore (which they weren’t going to play because they were saving Daniel’s voice for a show the next night).  Thanks to David and Blavid of Heart Like War for keeping everybody going.  

Some other fun things from the evening:

- There were rumblings that Rogue Anthem may start playing again.  Maybe a fundraiser too.  That would be amazing.

- There were also rumblings that Fear God might start playing again.  That too would be amazing.

- Robert and Edie of Headnoise were at the show.  We’re super excited about the prospect of shows and new music from that great band.  Also in attendance were Ryan from The WAY, Bill Barnes from Rogue Anthem, and Landon from Call to Glory.  Always good to see friends supporting the scene.  

- The “cutest kids” awards go to the daughters of J Hawk of INFIRMITIES and Ryan from The WAY, who sat on stage during the INFIRMITIES set.  Best circle pits by 3 year olds also.

- It was great to meet Michael from Resurrection Vinyl, who had a merch table set up to sell his debut 7” vinyl, which is a 4 track release from the band Undefiled called “Out of Line”.  You can order a copy of the 7” through their bandcamp page:   Or, you can reach them on Twitter:

- We collected 4 big bags of clothes and toys for the new family at His Place Church that needs some help, and there were some generous cash donations from people who attended the show (and also donations from Rob of No Lost Cause and Dave from The Old-timers / ZAP Records).  That was a huge blessing.  

Thanks to everybody for supporting our scene and this humble Ministry.  If you have any suggestions about our next TPR Night (where to play, which bands to include, what other things we might do etc.), please let us know at "thumperpunk[at ] gmail [ dot] com".