Temuco, Chile

There was a time that the world’s best basketball player was from French Lick, Indiana.  So it is equally possible that the world’s best melodic punk is from a town unfamiliar to most in the United States.  Temuco is a city of about 250,000, and is the capital of the Cautín Province and of the Araucanía Region in southern Chile (middle of the country).   It is also home to Metanoia, the incredibly talented punk band Metanoia that features Ben Lopez (Bass & Lead Vocals), Diego Rivera (Guitar & Backing Vocals), and Brandy Guzman (Drums).  Their Spanish language debut Retroceder Nunca is so good that we sell digital copies with a money-back guarantee.   And, much like a Larry Bird jump shot, their new English language album Chili-Nation is guaranteed to score.  You can stream the entire album here: