Coming in 2016...

TPR is getting a re-boot in 2016.  More bands.  More releases.  More shows -- the first being Blood on the Door at Angel City Café on February 29.  Here are some rumors about what’s coming:

- The HOAX!  Yes, the long awaited return to the studio is finally going to happen.  Stoked!
- A Broken Line has completed the recording of its debut album, and is having it mixed and mastered now.  I have heard some early versions, and the songs are great. 
- Platoon 1107 is currently amassing its forces to finally record its “Day of Anger” EP, as well as some other new projects. 
- The Old-timers are recording for a number of projects in 2016, including a new EP.
- Peter118 will be releasing some new material (already recorded several songs) jointly through TPR and our friends at In Presence Records in the UK.
- Neil Roddy will be continuing solo as Thee Ambassador of Shalom, since his drummer has gone off to University, and Peter118 having his hands full with his solo project
- The Poor Geezers are planning their next release of their unique Patchwork Punk style, with Eagle Spits having recently confirmed they are back at it.
- False Idle is going to be releasing the Hymns of Punk Rock Praise Volume 2.  Their Hymns Volume 1 was the first Thumper Punk release, and remains our top seller.
- 180 OUT is talking about playing some shows.  If you know Joe or Spencer Dukes, reach out and let them know we need them!
- Living Fire is in the studio now recording their new album and a music video to support their upcoming release has already been recorded.
- Summer 2016 will include the release of a new Benefit Compilation.  Stay tuned for details.
- New bands?  Yes, both “new” bands, and some new bands featuring members of different bands on the existing TPR roster.  We hope to pull some zombies out of the cellar for a special release, and have guest appearances by some big names from JCHC days past.  

Play it faster.