Open Invitation to JCHC Bands: 2016 Benefit Compilation

Thumper Punk Records is pleased to announce an open invitation to JCHC bands to submit a song for this year’s TPR benefit compilation, which will raise funds for autism research and education.  I am the father of a beautiful 14 year old girl who is on the autism spectrum, and many families that I know have children, relatives, and friends who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.    

The beneficiary of this release will be The Seaver Autism Center at Mt. Siani Hospital in New York.    

“The Seaver Autism Center leads progressive research studies while providing comprehensive, personalized care to children and adults with autism spectrum conditions. Working together with you, we will identify the causes of autism and advance effective treatments.”

For this release, we are only accepting new songs (or songs that have just released in the last couple of months).   If your band has interest in participating, please send a notice to “tprbenefitcomp[at]gmail[dot]com”.  The submission deadline for the project is May 15, 2016, and we anticipate releasing the album sometime in the June/July timeframe.   Submissions should include a WAV files (or high quality MP3), along with your band name, song name, album name, and if the song was released on a record label.   Due to the cost of mechanical licenses, no cover songs will be accepted (unless it was published before 1923 and is part of the public domain).

This will be primarily a digital release (price TBD, but likely $3 to $5 to encourage downloads), although we will press a limited number of CDs for our friends who want physical copies.  Bands will be provided with a link to download a free copy of the digital version, and can purchase physical copies at cost.  Thanks for your support!

Previous TPR Benefit Compilations include:

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