Praiser: Jesus Loving Hardcore Punk

Marcus Bender and Andre Keller are the core duo behind Hamburg, Germany’s great punk band Praiser.  With eight amazing releases, Praiser’s sound is relevant, passionate, fast, fun & catchy.  More importantly, their lyrical content is laser sharp, critical, free thinking and unabashed in their love for Jesus.  From their website:

“we are no homophobes, sexists, witchburners, george w. bush-lovers and all the clichee-stuff that people seem to think of christians. We question things, we see a lot of crap in church and religion. We also see a lot of crap in the punk scene or among some so called anarchists. Our lyrics contain praise for the christ, our experiences with him but also a lot of criticism for things that make us sick, be it in church and among christians or be it in the "world", the state, society or as mentioned the punk movement.... so read our lyrics before you judge.”

All of Praiser’s music is available for free download, including the classic releases from their predecessor band Preacher.  Get ready for some amazing music, and be prepared to be challenged!  Their lyrics have certainly challenged my thinking about how Thumper Punk should operate.  Download their music from these links:

We are honored that Praiser contributed songs to the Food For Life Benefit Compilation, Punk for the Gospel Volume 2, and the United We Skate Benefit Compilation.

Favorite tracks:   I Praise God (Blessed Be the Punk), Worship Industry (Scandalization)