Thumper Punk Records Night: RECAP

Saturday, October 8, 2016, was our annual Thumper Punk Records Night at Angel City Café, in Bellflower, California.  It was another night for the JCHC community to get together for praise our Heavenly Father, to share our Faith, to fellowship, and to enjoy punk rock.  This night is a chance for bands to support each other.  It’s really a “family” atmosphere at the show.  Friendships start and develop.  Future shows with bands who met at the event are scheduled.  Past band members stay connected.  And we all are reminded that we don’t stand alone in the general punk community.  

JohnnyBoy’s opening acoustic set was great.  He played one song from the acoustic EP, one new song, and one hymnal cover.  Energy and showmanship from the former front man of The WAY.  His set featured an impromptu version of Happy Birthday to JohnnyBoy sung by his dad and the crowd.

Tattered Angels were next and their live sound was incredible!  Super fast.  Super heavy.  Jeremy’s vocals are even better than on their recorded material.  We like to schedule one band that isn’t officially on the label to help grow the scene.  In the past we’ve had guest appearances by The Rekoning, Cross-Check, Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band, LIV., Covenant, Almondo, and Abby Nicole.  Tattered Angels set featured songs from their self-titled release (, and a few covers.  It’s all about ecosystem / scene building, and those guys are fully JCHC.  We’re definitely interested in making them a formal member at some point, but we will promote and support them either way.  Of note, their drummer was really really good.  Hard for a drummer to stand out, but he absolutely did.  

Heart Like War made their debut appearance at TPR Night.  Their set was a lot of fun with harmony, jumps and sing alongs over a great MxPx influenced punk sound.  The energy was super high, and Dave Robledo is always one of my favorites.  Definitely one of the most fun sets of the night, and the band is a great addition to TPR.  It was their first appearance at TPR Night, and hopefully not their last.  Every song had heads bobbin and people rockin.  Bring It On!

CPR’s set was really great.  Better than any time I’d seen them before.  Jet Wilson is an incredible front man, and the Hill boys were super tight on the back end.  They played mostly as a 3 piece, and Harvey Rebellion joined them for the second half of their set to fill out their sound on a couple of songs.  Several people commented positively about their set.  If you follow them on social media, you’ll know that this band stands tall as ministers for Christ in the secular punk scene.  They have the strength to stand for their convictions, the love to share the Good News, and the musical chops to stand toe-to-toe with any band in the secular punk scene.

Infirmities were great, as always.  J Hawk is a terrific showman, and as a group they’re musically super advanced.  Harvey Rebellion killed on guitar.  Doug Jutras was right on the beat with the drums, and he worked perfectly with the super hyper bass playing of Germ.  I don’t know how Jason manages to always have a great bass player (Troy and the new guy Germ are both killer bass players).  They were really good.  

A Broken Line finished the night.  Fully raging ska punk that had everybody dancing and bouncing off the walls.  Everyone who stayed was really into it.  Matt had just come from his 10 year high school reunion (so they started at like 11 pm), and played in a fancy suit which was funny.  ABL’s debut album is one of TPR’s best releases, and seeing it played live was incredibly fun.   They also played a new song that had a great sing-a-long chorus.  And, at my request they played Citation and Drive as an encore (which they weren’t going to play because they were saving Daniel’s voice for a show the next night).  Thanks to David and Blavid of Heart Like War for keeping everybody going.  

Some other fun things from the evening:

- There were rumblings that Rogue Anthem may start playing again.  Maybe a fundraiser too.  That would be amazing.

- There were also rumblings that Fear God might start playing again.  That too would be amazing.

- Robert and Edie of Headnoise were at the show.  We’re super excited about the prospect of shows and new music from that great band.  Also in attendance were Ryan from The WAY, Bill Barnes from Rogue Anthem, and Landon from Call to Glory.  Always good to see friends supporting the scene.  

- The “cutest kids” awards go to the daughters of J Hawk of INFIRMITIES and Ryan from The WAY, who sat on stage during the INFIRMITIES set.  Best circle pits by 3 year olds also.

- It was great to meet Michael from Resurrection Vinyl, who had a merch table set up to sell his debut 7” vinyl, which is a 4 track release from the band Undefiled called “Out of Line”.  You can order a copy of the 7” through their bandcamp page:   Or, you can reach them on Twitter:

- We collected 4 big bags of clothes and toys for the new family at His Place Church that needs some help, and there were some generous cash donations from people who attended the show (and also donations from Rob of No Lost Cause and Dave from The Old-timers / ZAP Records).  That was a huge blessing.  

Thanks to everybody for supporting our scene and this humble Ministry.  If you have any suggestions about our next TPR Night (where to play, which bands to include, what other things we might do etc.), please let us know at "thumperpunk[at ] gmail [ dot] com".