INFIRMITIES: "Ya Miss 2 Minutes... Ya Missed 2 Songs."

INFIRMITIES are a high velocity Street Punk band from Salinas, California.  Their rapid fire, UK inspired 90s street punk sound (think Subhumans, GBH, The Exploited, Discharge) creates an electric live show, featuring unmatched spirit-filled high energy performances from their singer and Frontman J Hawk.   After circling for their pre-set Prayer, the band ferociously attacks with mohawks, chains, boots and Bible verses in a 1-2-3-4 style approach.  No mincing words here.  The music plainly conveys the Good News of Jesus Christ.  It’s from tough guys for people in tough circumstances.   It’s sung to street kids in Salinas, South Central, Compton, Long Beach, Boyle Heights, and East Los.  Does everyone in the crowd get it or agree with their Message?  Absolutely not.  But even those in disagreement respect the music and their convictions.  Sometimes a word of encouragement is given.  Sometimes a seed is planted.  A lyric from the INFIRMITIES Anthem makes their point:

“The Good
The Bad And Ugly
Redeemed And Forgiven
Filth And The Fury
For The Faith
For The Truth
Scum Of The Earth Now
Training For Battle
Recruiting God’s Soldiers
Exodus Of The Youth

Deep From My
Jesus Is My
Deep From My

He’s My God!”

Since the band plays shows up and down California almost every weekend, the band has a rotating roster of high quality musicians.  The current roster features J Hawk (vox), Harvey Rebellion (guitar), Germ (bass) and Q Minor (drums).   The band’s Faith and the Fury 7” (available in black, red, white and blue vinyl) is available from Malt Soda Records (, and their Paid In Blood EP is available through SkyBurnsBlack Records (

The band is currently signed to Malt Soda Records, but we also consider them permanent members of the Thumper Punk Records family.  Come see them at Thumper Punk Records Night on October 8, 2016, at Angel City Café, in Bellflower, California.

Nuff Said =X