Missions to Russia (fundraiser for JohnnyBoy’s travel espenses)

JohnnyBoy will be traveling to Russia on a Missionary trip next March.  He will be playing bass with Mikee Bridge’s band that annually tours through Siberia.  In order to help with expenses, all proceeds from the sale of JohnnyBoy’s Innocent EP and from the sale of The WAY’s catalog will be donated.  You can purchase his music through iTunes, Amazon and all the usual commercial digital retailers, or you can get special $5 pricing on digital copies on the Thumper Punk Records Bandcamp site:

JohnnyBoy --  Innocent

The WAY --   I Keep Falling

The WAY --  Helpless But Not Hopeless

The WAY --  The Fight Is Ours

All the albums are good, and we HIGHLY recommend The Fight Is Ours.  I consider it one of the great JCHC albums, and certainly one of the best albums we’ve released. 

Follow JohnnyBoy’s music and travel plans on his FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/johnnyboy805/

Bog blagoslovil !