The JCHC Scene in SoCal

Webster’s dictionary defines the word Scene as “the place where some action or event occurs.”  The JCHC Scene in SoCal is in better shape than any time I can remember since the early 90s.  There are tons of good bands playing regularly at both church and secular shows.  Crowds are but a fraction of the 90s Orange County hardcore scene, but that doesn’t mute the enthusiasm or dedication of the bands sharing Good News, friendships, and their love for hard music that is happening now.  The current crop of bands regularly playing shows at Angel City Café, House of Rebellion, DiPiazzas, The Doll Hut, The Hub, Black Light District, Karman bar, and other venues from San Diego to Ventura include:

A Broken Line
Anschluss Amor
Cause for Rebellion
Heart Like War
Jesus Worshipper
Platoon 1107
Rapture LAHC
Saul of Tarsus
Tattered Angels
The Unknown
Wickeds End

Anaheim’s The Hoax recently released its first material in four years (

Headnoise has its two first shows back in years this December 10 (House of Rebellion) and December 17 (Blood On The Door at Angel City). 

Zippy Josh has been occasionally playing shows recently with JohnnyBoy (formerly of The WAY) in the Ventura area.

San Diego’s great Dogwood is back for two upcoming shows supporting MxPx and Five Iron Frenzy in January, and OC’s Slick Shoes is back to support MxPx/FIF on a Texas swing early next year. 

The Altar Billies are fixtures on the OC Rockabilly scene, and have just released their fantastic album "Long, Long Road".

We heard that The Heroes (Chris Jones, formerly of Call To Glory) is working on finalizing their recording.   

Silent Planet is bringing metalcore to a new level.

Thumper Punk will be adding a Surf Punk band from SoCal in the coming weeks.  Lots of worthwhile bands.  Apologies if I missed anybody.

The SoCal Scene is good.  The Chicago Scene is good.    Where is everybody else? 
There are good bands dotted across the country, but where is the Scene?  Seattle?  Austin?  DC/Baltimore?  Boise?  Anybody?  I’d honestly like to know (thumperpunk (at) gmail [dot] com).