Blenderhead to reunite for first show since 2001

Blenderhead was one of the iconic Christian punk bands connected to Tooth & Nail records in the early 90s.  The band’s relatively short (but bright) life included release of Prime Candidate for Burnout (1994), followed by their full length Muchacho Vivo (1995) and supporting tour with MxPx which lead to their break-up shortly after.  The band regrouped for their Figureheads On The Forefront Of Pop Culture (2001) release, and hasn’t played a show since.  Their story is chronicled by their lead singer Billy Power in his fascinating tour journal Bottle Breaker, currently a free digital download at

On Friday, March 4, the band is playing next for the first time since 2001.  They are reuniting to play at their guitarist’s Tyler Vander Ploeg's 40th birthday celebration, “This Is A Call: The Music Of Foo Fighters,” at the High Dive, in Seattle.  Proceeds from the show will be donated to Seattle’s Clothes for Kids charity. 

I also highly recommend checking out Billy Power’s Urban Achiever podcast (  Good stuff indeed.