Chicago scene set to Roar Again!

Chicago’s JCHC scene has produced some of the great JCHC bands, including Crashdog, Headnoise, Flatfoot 56, Ballydowse, Left Out, The Blamed, and others.   Many of the bands in the 90s were connected to the Jesus People USA church and community, Cornerstone Festival, and GRRR Records.  After a few years of relative inactivity, punk rock is making a roaring resurgency in the Windy City with awesome new bands like Anti-World System (Reformation Punk), October Bird of Death (Punk Rock N' Roll featuring Sid Duffour on guitar), and 2Minute Minor (Chicago Old School Style Hardcore – not exclusively JCHC but definitely worth a listen).   And, if you live in the Midwest/East Coast areas, you’ll be able to catch Flatfoot 56 which is touring this summer.  Stoked!