My Brothers in Brazil

Thumper Punk Records has had the honor to support Sao Paolo’s Living Fire for their first three amazing albums:  Jesus Rules, Dead to Sin, and their recent Portuguese-language release O Eterno Agora.  LF’s Luis Medeiros has introduced me to the vibrant JCHC scene in Brazil that was previously unknown to me.  There are some amazing bands that have participated in our United We Skate benefit compilation, and also on our upcoming Autism Awareness, Acceptance and Research benefit compilation.  It is truly an inspirational scene that, in many ways, tramples our feeble efforts.  One important supporter of this scene is my friend Eduardo A. Teixeira.  He runs Cristo Suburbano Records (bandcamp link below to free album downloads), has a blog for Brazil and international bands, has a podcast at Esconderijo Underground, and does vocals and guitar for punk band No More Zombies.  See the links below:

Please check out the Brazil JCHC scene to hear some amazing, spirit-filled punk bands!   Eduardo will be participating in our upcoming 3 Song Acoustic series.