House of Rebellion

Harvey and Michelle Barrera live in Moreno Valley, California, a quiet suburb about an hour east of Los Angeles.  The Holy Spirit is working through both Harvey (aka Harvey Rebellion) and Michelle in the most amazing of ways.  On certain weekends the Barrera’s place becomes the House of Rebellion hosting punk, hardcore and metal bands singing for His glory in their living room.  Both musicians, they have set up a stage in their living room, and kids will come to hear the music and get exposed to the Good News of Jesus Christ in a non-traditional setting.   Street kids.  Neighborhood kids.  All are welcome.  He started doing this with his first band Cause for Rebellion.  Some of their shows have kids packed in the main living room area, up the stairs, and watching from a balcony.  Harvey has also started hosting shows at a new venue he started called the Meat Locker in Lake Elsinore.  He oversees youth, college and career ministries.  He also runs benefit shows under the name “Blood on the Door” to bring “awareness to human needs and promote real action by raising funds to support faith-based organizations making a difference in the world today. These organizations provide food, shelter, refugee camps and human services to people in need, therefore providing a place where people can hear the Good News.”  Blood on the Door has worked with Samaritan’s Purse to raise money for Bibles sent to the Middle East.  His main band INFIRMITIES regularly plays shows in the East Los Angeles/Boyle Heights, an area desperately in need of Hope.  Harvey is this warm, genuine, totally legit, 100% honest dude wearing a gotee and baseball cap with “SAVED” written on the underside of the bill.  Harvey also plays guitar in the new Christian punk band The Unknown, and will be participating in our 3 Song Acoustic series.  Do catch a show at the House of Rebellion.  The Holy Spirit will be there.