3 Song Acoustic Series

Thumper Punk Records has started a new project called the 3 Song Acoustic series.  The project will feature solo artists from the JCHC scene, who will each record three new acoustic songs.   We will release a 3 song EP from a different solo artist every month for 13 months.  Each quarter, we will announce the artists that will be released that quarter, but all slots are already filled.  It will be just for fun and to honor somebody who has contributed to our scene over the years.  The example for this project is Doug Jutras’ Miss That Walk EP.  Doug was formerly in Call to Glory and Fear God, and is the current drummer for INFIRMITIES.  This was a super fun project, which highlights Doug’s amazing abilities as a musician.  He’s not just a bass player or drummer.  The first artists will be announced and released late summer.  If you haven’t checked out Doug’s EP, you can hear it at the link below: