Recommended Listening: JCHC Podcasts

If you commute like me, you’ll definitely want to check out these great podcasts that cover the JCHC scene:

JCHC Slam and Dance Show

Christian punk, ska, rock, metal and hardcore show hosted by Donovan De Necker, guitarist and songwriter for The Old-timers.  Podcasting from South Africa, episodes feature interviews from participants in the JCHC scene with lots of awesome music.

Pod Punk God Cast

Podcast hosted by Matt and Johnny in which they cover the Christian punk scene, with interviews and music samples.  Two funny dudes chatting about punk rock.  Good stuff.  “The show where we give our eyewitness account of the Christian punk scene in the early 2000s. Often self-deprecating, often self-incriminating, never judging lest we too be judged.”

Never Was

Podcast hosted by Mark Solomon (The Crucified, Outer Circle, Stavesacre, and others).  Mark’s unique perspective and brilliant storytelling ability makes this a compelling listen.   There is a reason that youlike all of his bands, and it’s on ample display here.  “A program about what happens when life demands living.”

Urban Achiever

Podcast hosted by former bass player and singer for Blenderhead, who later worked for Tooth & Nail records.  “Urban Achiever with Billy Power is a podcast about love, loyalty, faith, friendship and music.”

The Antidote
Radio show hosted by Dave Hawkins on The Antidote first hit the airwaves on Trent Radio 92.7 FM, CFFF, Peterborough, Ontario, and is available through 3R Radio.  Great variety of music, with an emphasis on metal, hardcore and *gasp* even punk rock.  The host has a nice interview style, and really does his homework on bands before each show.  Their website says:
"Christian music that doesn't suck". This indelicate title has been given to The Antidote Radio, whose intention is to dispel the myth that music created by artists who share a Christian world-view is second rate.  The Antidote covers a wide spectrum of genres found within the world of music. Styles of music range from indie folk, punk, rock, alternative rock, funk, ska, and the sub-genres of metal.

Altern8 Radio program

Radio show hosted by Peter Field.  The best in hardcore rock and punk - Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and 11pm on Access Radio. The show also broadcasts on flame ccr in the wirral on 1520mw.