Sef Idle – 3 Song Acoustic

Today is the release of Sef Idle’s contribution to our 3 Song Acoustic series.  When TPR started this series, Sef Idle was at the top of the list of people who we wanted to participate.  False Idle’s Hymns of Punk Rock Praise was the first album released by Thumper Punk Records, and he has supported a large majority of releases by TPR and its sister labels OnTheAttack Records and MMLJ Records.  In addition to his abilities as a musician, Sef Idle excels in the studio with mixing and mastering, and with artwork and layout -- all done through his Simpul Studio in Boise, Idaho.  We would be dust without him.  But perhaps most important has been his steady friendship and his shared belief that JCHC is worthwhile.  With humble appreciation for his contributions to the scene, we release the first of our 3 Song Acoustic series from Sef Idle:    

1. Hindsight
2. Look Around
3. All Along

Available as limited edition 7" vinyl from the TPR webstore ( and for digital download from iTunes and the usual commercial outlets! Check out the video announcement here: