JohnnyBoy releases 3 Song Acoustic EP

To celebrate is birthday, JohnnyBoy has released his contribution to our 3 Song Acoustic series.  We first met JohnnyBoy when he was the lead singer for Oxnard punk giants The WAY  (  Since The WAY disbanded, JohnnyBoy has continued with TPR as a solo artist releasing his acoustic Innocent EP in September 2015.  While JohnnyBoy’s first love is bass guitar, he is also a talented singer and guitar player.  He has graced the stage with many bands over the years, including Victory 33, The WAY, Graveyard Kings, Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band, to name a few.  He most recently played bass with New Jersey’s No Lost Cause during their recent performance at TPR Night.  Need help with your band?  JohnnyBoy can fix it.

His 3 Song Acoustic EP delivers intricate, delicate and heart-felt original acoustic tracks. JohnnyBoy’s songs reveal his technical musical chops and a broad emotional range exceeding expectations. Track listing:

1. Stumbling In The Dark
2. Holy Spirit Come
3. Run to Me

Available as limited edition 7" white vinyl from the TPR webstore ( and for digital download on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and from all the usual suspects.   

The 3 Song Acoustic series features a monthly EP release from legends, friends and artists involved with the JCHC scene.