Linked is a message from our brother Shawn Browning (owner of Rottweiler Records and lead singer for the band Grave Robber). Shawn has only asked for prayers, but we're also going to do a fundraiser to help with medical bills. Talk to your band members. Share this with everyone you know. Anybody offering help will be welcome regardless of genre. We're going to put this together in a week, and release it on Bandcamp next weekend. Song submissions are due Wednesday, February 15. If interested, please send an email for details to “”.   Please send your WAV file (or an email with a download link).  Lots of labels have already committed to support.   The release date is now February 18.

Shawn Browning

Yesterday at 2:37pm ·

Well. . . one of my biggest nightmares has come true.

I was diagnosed today with nodes on my vocal chords. I've been battling hoarseness for about 6 months. I thought it was allergies, sickness, stress, lack of sleep.

Nope. Nodes.

To say I'm afraid is an understatement. Singing has been my life as long as I can recall. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I permanently lost the ability to sing.

Friday I go in to have a consultation and determine a surgery date on my vocal chords.

If you are the praying kind. . . Now would be a good time to do that for me.