Brock Diamond - 3 Song Acoustic releases today!

Today is the release of Brock Diamond’s contribution to our 3 Song Acoustic series.  The idea for this EP series came from a late night Facebook “LIVE” post by Brock singing his song Baby You’re Mine.  It sounded amazing (anything with Brock’s voice does), and I was surprised to learn it was an original unrecorded song.  After a little brainstorming about how to put it all together, the 3 Song Acoustic series was born.  

Brock is a veteran of the OC music scene.  He is currently involved with The Berzerkers and Simplex, and was a member of OC hell-raising legends Evasive Action.  I first met Brock in 2013, as the drummer for the band Fear God at the Thumper Punk Records night show at The Fallout in Filmore, California.  Imagine my surprise later when I first heard him singing with his acoustic guitar.  As you will see, his talent well exceeds the limitations of 3 chord punk; and his smile and charm contrast his thunderous guitar playing.  Brock’s warm and bluesy voice is the perfect starting point for an acoustic release, where he is backed by the magical Kat Ferguson (vocals) and Kent Z (electric guitar), with a special guest appearance by his daughter Gracie Diamond on “Fly Away”.  

With humble appreciation for his contributions to the scene, we release the second of our 3 Song Acoustic series from Brock Diamond:    

1. Baby You’re Mine
2. Birds of a Feather
3. Fly Away

Available as limited edition 7" vinyl from the TPR webstore ( and for digital download from iTunes and the usual commercial outlets!