Michael W. Stand - 3 Song Acoustic EP

On June 13, Thumper Punk Records released the fourth installment of its 3 Song Acoustic EP series by Michael W. Stand (listen here:  https://thumperpunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/3-song-acoustic-4).  

Each time TPR releases a 3 Song Acoustic EP, I try to do a brief blog post about the artist that includes some background on why the artist is important to me personally.  This one took a bit longer.  For my development as a young Christian, Mike’s music sits alongside the sermons by the church pastor of my youth Dr. Levi Price, lessons taught at Forest Home Christian Camp, and also the writings of Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, Rick Warren, and St. Francis of Assisi.  Some time around 1982, I went to Christian Music Night at Knotts Berry Farm to see the band Undercover, and saw The Altar Boys for the first of many uplifting, angsty, angry evenings.  The Altar Boys and Undercover were the bands of my youth (Scaterd Few and Nobody Special were also about that time), and each had a hugely positive impact on me.  


That’s Mike with the guitar at the start of the video.  I grew up in exactly that type working class Los Angeles neighborhood but about 20 miles north, so this really resonated with me.  Seeing them back in the early 80s was mindblowing.  And now, here is Mike today with his current band Altar Billies playing new original songs and rockabilly versions of the old Altar Boys songs.  


Thanks Mike for the tunes and the inspiration!