Thumper Punk Records Night – August 19 at Angel City Café in Bellflower, California

We are stoked to officially announce TPR Night at Angel City Café on August 19!  This year’s event will feature Peter118 (from the UK), No Lost Cause (from New Jersey), CPR, Cross-Check, JohnnyBoy (acoustic) and Zippy Josh and the Rag Tag Band.  The event will be covered by BlastTV, and there will be merch tables from the bands and others involved in the JCHC scene.  As always, tickets are $8 (to cover rental of the venue), and doors open at 7 pm with music starting at 8 pm sharp.

The flyer for this year’s show includes artwork courtesy of D.B.O. Dave Besanson Originals. Dave drew the bunny when Thumper Punk Records first started, and we’ve kept him mostly under wraps until his debut on this flyer.  Thanks Dave!

In addition to supporting the bands, coming to Angel City Café will also support that awesome venue and its Mission.  You can also support Angel City Café by purchasing the Benefit Compilation released by TPR several years ago (

We ain't got no place to go.
So let's go to the punk rawk show.