Mike Liberty releases 3 Song Acoustic EP

As the singer, guitarist and mohawk-in-chief for Richmond, Virginia based True Liberty, Mike was an obvious choice for the 3 Song Acoustic series, as the last song on several of True Liberty’s albums feature Mike on his acoustic.  In addition to punk rock, Mike’s musical quiver includes rock, blues, bluegrass and others.  When TPR first formed, Mike and True Liberty were high on my list of bands to sign.  At the time, the band’s website featured pictures of two huge mohawked dudes, that I could only assume would one day pummel me into a pulp (I was correct).  Mike is a devoted husband and father, the owner of a successful construction company, a punk rock trailblazer, a first class smart alec, and a steadfast follower of Christ.  He has also appeared on the Brutally Delicious cooking show where he whipped up a tasty venison salad (https://youtu.be/k5lWdxkf8Go) while wearing an Our Corpse Destroyed t-shirt.  That's vintage Mike Liberty right there.

Track listing:

1.  Times
2.  11 O’Clock
3.  I Know

Available as limited edition 7" vinyl from the TPR webstore (http://thumperpunkrecords.storenvy.com/) and for digital download on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and from all the usual suspects.    

The 3 Song Acoustic series features a monthly EP release from legends, friends and artists involved with the JCHC scene.