TPR Night at The Fallout in September 2013 was a night to remember.  LIV., Christ’s Sake, uniSEF, Fear God, The Lonely Revolts, A Broken Line, Hippos of Doom, The Hoax, False Idle and The WAY played in one venue with two stages over 5 hours, followed by pancakes into the wee hours for many of the bands.  So many friends.  So many great bands.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was a golden moment for TPR.  In the following years, bands and people came and went, and there were times that I wondered if TPR had jumped the shark.  Maybe we had lost that lightening in a bottle that we had in September 2013.  Could we ever get that back?  Maybe TPR had run its course, and it was time to focus on a new Ministry.

What I’m not taking for granted now is that TPR has its lightening back (ka-chow).  As a label and more importantly our music Ministry, I am so stoked for what’s coming.  To steal a line from Plague Graverobber, we are going to sneak in and crush with the Holy Spirit.  Our recent TPR Night was outstanding (thanks to Cross-Check, No Lost Cause, JohnnyBoy, Peter118, Zippy Josh, and Cause for Rebellion).  Some folks made some super human efforts to get to the show (John Carroll, Rob Jensen, and Peter and Janine), others selflessly hosted shows and shuttled bands (Harvey, JohnnyBoy), and many people went above and beyond to make the weekend a success for the shows Friday at the House of Rebellion and Saturday at Angel City Cafe.  Zippy Josh played an amazing set that had everyone singing.  Old friends were there (including most of The Hoax), and new friends like the band Doulos were there to support our community.  

Our current string of releases is very strong:  Eagle Spits and Friends “Empires Fall” spoken word release, “In Stereo” split EP from Peter 118 and No Lost Cause, and Michael W. Stand’s 3 Song Acoustic release.  Scheduled upcoming releases from Living Fire (“Every Saint Has a Past, Every Sinner Has a Future”), Mike Liberty’s 3 Song Acoustic, and JohnnyBoy’s 3 Song Acoustic, are outstanding.  Punk for the Gospel Benefit Compilation, Volume 3, raising money for Aaron Liberty's skate ministry in Costa Rica, should have its release date announced in the next few weeks.  And, there are unannounced projects in the pipeline that include two different live releases (one current band and one newly discovered recorded show from a band on hiatus), new material and shows from Rogue Anthem 2017 that will be fundraisers for Mike’s boys, a full-length album of hardcore and punk classic covers, a spoken word release from Carlos Salazar from Kings & Daughters (from our sister label OnTheAttack Records), two more 3 Song Acoustic releases from guys who we love and respect for their work in the JCHC scene, and with any luck a surf band at some point.  TPR’s resident guitarist Ron Ruhs has joined Omaha’s Oi! band The Bricks, so hopefully we can get involved with that project.  Jet Wilson of CPR has launched BlastTV, which is supporting all of the bands that come through Los Angeles.  False Idle is recording two new hymns (and I’m begging for more electric), and Sef Idle is working on full length acoustic.  We are anxiously awaiting new material from the amazing Reforma Protestante.  There are awesome bands that we hope to sign from Ventura (two actually), in the Inland Empire (two there also), and one livin’ in the OC.  There is a legendary 90s band that we’re hoping to support on an upcoming release, and several other projects we're chasing.    

If you are reading this, THANK YOU.  I’m not taking it for granted this time.  It’s been my privilege to help support the JCHC scene, and to have this Ministry calling.  I’m not just chasing windmills.  I’m sprinting.