Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.  The label promotes bands which help deliver the Good News to the entire world through a wide range of genres including punk, anarcho punk, street punk, skate punk, pop punk, Oi! and crust.   You'll likely not find any of our bands on the Billboard charts or walking the red carpet, but you will find them reaching out to those in need of hope.  The name comes from the derogatory term Bible Thumper -- which we have always viewed as an amusing and unintended compliment.   Fight like a man, scriptures in hand!

BENEFIT COMPILATIONS -- Annual compilation of Christian punk bands to raise money for Ministry minded projects (see the Benefit Compilations tab to see albums).


On The Attack Records -  Our sister label for spirit-filled Hardcore (
MMLJ Records - Our other sister label (
Simpul Studios - Punk rock recording studio
SkyBurnsBlack Records - Christian punk, grind, unblack metal record label
Rottweiler Records - Christian punk and metal record label
Veritas Vinyl - Christian punk and hardcore on vinyl
Raven Faith Records - Christian punk record label
JCHC Slam and Dance Radio show - JCHC music, interviews, scene
The Pathfinder Rock Hour - Music shows
CYI Worldwide - Music shows and ministry
GRockTV - Extreme Sports and Music
HM Magazine - Hard Music magazine
IndieVisionMusic Magazine - Music and entertainment magazine
The Metal Resource - Metal, hardcore and punk magazine - Metal, hardcore and punk magazine

Special thanks to folks who donate their time and talents to support this humble Ministry:  Dusty Darrel, Sef Idle, Lupe Gutierrez, Josh Lippy, Donovan DeNecker, Frank Anzalone, Robert Laird (our photographer), Dave Besanson, and my Deb & Miss A.  Also, thanks to the bands who helped me personally during my formative years:  Altar Boys, Undercover, Lifesavers, The Crucified, Nobody Special, the early punk bands on Tooth & Nail and Facedown Records, Grrr Records, and Screaming Giant Records.   We take small steps in your enormous footprints.  Contact us at newtpr(at)gmail(dot)com, or at Thumper Punk Records, P.O. Box 1682, Capitola, CA  95010.   TPR is part of the Aptos Music Group (TPR, OnTheAttack Records, MMLJ Records).